"Drive" (2011)- Review

This movie was sort of adrenaline-pumping towards the end & it was such a "quiet" film for about the first hour! I swear all the lines that the cast had were like two or four words or even a short sentence! I was like say something more, keep active! Ugh! Ryan Gosling really did great in the very beginning of the movie and then he did really good towards the end. There was some scenes where the shots fired from guns came from out of nowhere and I was not expecting it and my heart kept on racing and my knees were shaking because I did not want to relax because I did not know what was going to happen at all. The Driver was also a KILLER, I think in the movie. Gosling went from driving to talking and killing. I wish he could have done that throughout the damn entire movie, though. All in all, this was a very plain movie with no imagination, and very little suspense. The killing that occurred towards the end was so up-close and gory that it was awesome to see because from the way the movie came on, no one would have expected to see such gruesome killings so close on screen, but the way it ended was how it began, very interesting, but all the parts in the middle-not so much!!!