"Straw Dogs" (2011)- Review

This movie was not at all what I expected esp. not from the previews that was shown! This was a very cowboy, western, limited, and plain movie. It was not all what the critics and other people who saw it said that it would be. The beginning of the movie was boring and I was forcing myself to stay awake for it. That in itself is a bad thing right there! The only part of the movie where it gets my attention is the VERY VERY END when everyone is trying to get into the Sumner's home and the killing begins! That caught my eye-I was happy that Marsden's character got to be a man and kicked some butt at the end. I do NOT care that I am telling how the end was because it was the only good part and if this movie is in the Top 5, this weekend, I have to speak to all the theaters who allowed people to see this horrific film with mild terror and suspense!


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