"Abduction" (2011)- Review

I think that for this to be Lautner's first lead solo role, he did very well. I see him doing more ACTION films than anything. It was odd seeing him fight, kill, get beat, threaten, etc. because he is not that established in the Entertainment medium, but the way he portrayed his role in this film, it is in his future. There was action in this film, there was suspense, more than anything. There was conflict and drama, deception, and all these attributes is what makes a movie a movie. This movie was like watching a younger version of Wanted, State of Play, Duplicity, The Sentinel, or even Shooter. Taylor may be young, but his facial expressions and the way he captured the screen was great! This may be a action/teenager film, but to me, I think this is first of many movies because outside of Twilight, he needs to begin making more films to see what responses it may get and which genre to go towards. I loved the movie from beginning to end and the explosions, intimacy, all the characteristics that made me love this movie are the elements to keep a person interested and that I definitely was! So go out and let Taylor abduct your heart-you will fall in love with it!


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