"Killer Elite" (2011)- Review

The synopsis of the film-reading all the cool action words and the trailer may seem like this will be a movie you cannot wait to go see-but it is the furthest thing from that. From the opening titles, I did not recognize the production company, the distributor, etc. That was a for sure definite low-budget film. This SHOULD have went to limited theaters and not worldwide. I can believe the rating that I have been seeing for this film. The ELITE KILLERS in this film were Robert DeNiro & Clive Owen. What was Jason Statham there for??? Statham's character did not have any spunk to him, the only thing good about his character was how he was fighting people and even sucked because you could tell it was altered. They way he runs in the Crank movies is how he was running and fighting in this film. Looks like it was in a cheap slow motion version. Never a good sign! I was very disappointed @ how a film like this with THREE well-known actors, Statham included, could be such a bust. DeNiro is huge and the way an old guy like that was running and killer people like a young FBI Agent was too awesome!! He did great-then again, why shouldn't he? He is not an Oscar Winner for nothing....


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