"Moneyball" (2011)- Review

Mildly entertaining! Not very or highly-but yes, mildly. Any & every scene where it was Brad Pitt & Jonah Hill interacting with each other was funny & they made me laugh from Pitt's movements & body language to Jonah's dumb facial expressions and the things he said! These two have that on screen bond & chemistry that is centered & on point. This was one of those films where they showed part of the ending first, then at the end, you understood why! I do not like films like that, but I can appreciate it in this film because they kept on showing flashbacks of Beane's past & how those flashbacks made him who he is today. The conclusion was not shocking to me. Beane was presented an offer from the Red Sox or stay at Oakland A's & at the end of the movie, it is revealed what the offer is & what he decided to do! It blew my mind what the offer was & what he decided to do, but from what I watched, it was clear to me what Beane decided BEFORE it was revealed. Will you see it the same way is the question you must ask yourself?


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