"Contagion" (2011)- Review

This was a very unusual movie centered around a virus that affected me! Lol! After what I saw in this movie, I did not want to leave the movie theater because I was thinking who sat in the seat I sat in, who touched the hand railings, who touched the doors and door knobs, who used the restroom, who breathed on me, who talked to me, whose arm rubbed up against me? Lol! This movie was that intense and it had me in awe that something like this can happen if we eat behind anybody or not properly wash our hands, etc. This film can teach you that much if NOTHING else and how important it is to take care of yourself and to be careful about whom you are around. Out of the SIX main characters in the film, TWO die and one of the two is a person whom I love and hated to see that individual die! It sucked! In conclusion, this movie, AT LEAST THE FIRST HOUR, was like watching Paranormal Activity or some freaky film like that because of the images that was shown, but after the few deaths in the beginning of the film, the film was average. For a film like this to have such a great cast of well-known actors, it could have been more thrilling and chilling. The previews led the public to believe that this movie was going to be horrifying, scary, gory, insane, totally great! It was not, sadly. I thought the film was average. Matt Damon gave a "great performance" out of all the cast, to me. There were funny scenes throughout the movie where the audience would have to chuckle, but nothing extremely funny. It is enjoyable and definitely worth seeing if you know people who need to learn to be more careful about touching anyone or passing a cold to someone, etc. because you never know what you may be transferring! That is the question that will ALWAYS be in the back of mind when I think about "Contagion!"