"The Ides of March" (2011)- Review

Where do I begin? The movie had a great cast, but the film must have had a very weak budget because it was not grabbing my attention! There were some jokes in the film that I chuckled @ & then there were outrageous parts in the film that were dramatic, suspenseful, deceitful, & most importantly shocking. But the shocking part happened a little bit too soon in the film and it was obvious to me what happened. Next, the way that the movie ended, it can be deduced that a sequel can be made; personally, I hope not because this film was original & I kept wanting to drift to sleep! Never ever a good sign!!! The film, overall had the elements to be a huge success, but it was okay--not even good. This movie was like Larry Crowne or a movie catered for the elderly & people into politics. The only parts that were good happened after the boring & not so interesting parts! Head of State & State of Play were both better than this film!