"J. Edgar" (2011)- Review

Mindblowing! DiCaprio displays a magnitude of acting varieties! His performance captivates the screen & his audiences! Eastwood really directed his butt off in this movie! I was so impressed by what I saw! Leonardo is a MASTER at his craft! This movie was creating a lot of buzz before the trailer was finally aired, and even afterwards!!! DiCaprio & Hammer BOTH deliver A+ performances! I am still in awe at how this movie touched me! When it was over, all I could think about is DiCaprio! DiCaprio! DiCaprio! He deserves to win @ The Oscars in the Best Actor category & "J. Edgar" needs to win Best Picture! Just me typing the words does not do it justice! Loved this movie & I am dumbfounded that it aired in theaters worldwide on 11/11/11: Leonardo's Birthday! What a gift? To have HIS movie open on HIS birthday exhibiting HIM as a lead actor in a TRUE STORY! Best day ever for DiCaprio!