"Breaking Dawn 1" (2011)- Review

Sensational! Mesmerizing! Intense! A few chuckles! Heart-pounding! So surreal! PHENOMENAL from start to finish! I'm really glad that I decided to see it on an exclusive pass! It was jammed-packed in the Theater! People had been lining up since the Theater opened most likely! Everyone seemed more grown up in the film esp. Bella! The end of the movie, the very end, the way it ended, you know what happened! To me, the way "she looked" was so captivating! This movie was so good, I wanted to watch it again! I am afarid that I may have to see it again just to see the ending; even though the movie was spectacular! Twilight films always crush the Box Office, kinda like how the baby was crushing Bella! Lol! There were minimal parts in the movie where I would chuckle because of what a character did or the type of facial expression they made! In short, I loved this film and can't wait to buy it on DVD!