"Tower Heist" (2011)- Review

Broderick & Murphy made this movie!!! Supporting actors would have to be Affleck & Stiller! Naturally, Stiller is a hilarious guy-he played more of a sorta serious role in this film, but he did not capture the screen in his role. The way Affleck was acting all stupid really was not that funny, but was still funny nonetheless. The advertising that this movie got probably made 1000's of people go out & see it. I was not disappointed in it; I was more shocked that I was not falling out if my seat bursting in tears because with such an amazing cast, this film could have been better than just average! Gabourey was not seen a lot in the film & I was sad about that. The funny parts in the movie made me chuckle while a total of 3 or 4 parts made me laugh in excitement! A major plus! A film that was pretty amusing & mildly entertaining thanks to Eddie Murphy & Matthew Broderick!


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