"A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas" (2011)- Review

FINALLY! A movie where the 3D actually shows during the entire movie; just one problem: HAROLD & KUMAR! Their acting sucked! The jokes that they told & the things that they were comical-but,not funny as hell! That was the only problem I had! I've never seen the first two movies-but when I saw the preview for this film, I was like, "O hell yeah!" If it only had the acting because it had the 3D, this movie would have been the best & coolest adult Christmas film. I sat there ready to laugh & expect crazy scenarios to occur when all of a sudden, Kumar reveals something unbelievably shocking that I NEVER saw coming! Then in another scene Harold reveals something too! WHOA! Let me tell you, this movie is right next to Jackass & medicore porn! The movie was average & I doubt it will be in the Top 5 @ the Box Office! There was a total if like 15 people or less in the theater when I saw it! That is just a preview if what you will see & how much of a H & K Fan you are!!! Merry 'early' Christmas! :)