"Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" IMAX (2011)- Review

I loved the music accompanied with the opening titles! The movie was sensational! Definitely an IMAX movie worth seeing! The sound, the ACTION, the fighting, the excitement, & the explosions were dynamite! I loved the scene when Tom was climbing on the hotel building in Dubai! I felt like I could sense his fear knowing he was on the 130th floor (if it really existed)! Paula was a fierce ass-kicker! She had some moves on her! Simon was funny through the entire film by his funny remarks & facial expressions! It is always good to see Tom on the Big Screen! I loved the film from start to finish & it ties in with the previous MI films, also! If you do see it & can afford it, IMAX is awesome & it makes you feel like ur really there! There was one part in the film where something happens unexpected & it awakens/shocks ur heart because it occurs so rapidly & with little to no advance warning-beware if you choose to accept this movie.....2D or IMAX.....Which will it be?!?!?!