"The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" (2011)- Review

A great movie where you have to pay attention the entire time & not even blink! The investigator/researcher was a badass! She made you laugh, she made you chuckle, and she made you think to yourself--think that she is a crazy girl who is capable of anything! I liked the movie! The first hour was slow in getting to the good parts, but once that hour was over, the good stuff came like: mystery, suspense, complications, past discretion's, conflict, sex, anger, revenge, & violence! Yes, this movie had all of these qualities! The way the girl covered her tracks in order to do her job was immaculate! This is a definite suspense/thriller movie! The violence was NOT that gory & there was not much, but still was freaky esp. with the fat banker who had access to her money. Daniel Craig could have acted better. Rooney did a great job acting. See this movie! You will not be disappointed-u may be sad at the beginning, but from the middle to end-u shall be amazed @ what is uncovered....


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