"The Sitter" (2011)- Review

Very disappointing! This movie delivers the comedy especially from Jonah Hill, but no other well-known actors was in it besides himself! The little girl who played Blythe was too kicks! Lol! I was drifting off to sleep during the entire film & was waiting for it to end! The movie was very low-budgeted & critics were rating this movie very negatively from the beginning. It was a crude comedy, but a very boring & original comedy! This is a movie that should have gone directly to DVD. I will NOT advise people to see this movie! I was so pissed @ how bad & whack this film was. This is a movie that you put in the DVD player to fall asleep to or to just have something on while you clean with the occasional laughs delivered by Jonah Hill....or.....yes, the cute girl, Blythe....


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