"Joyful Noise" (2012)- Review

Words CANNOT express how sensational, captivating, enjoyable, mesmerizing, exquisite, & phenomenal this film was! KeKe Palmer was outstanding! Simply breathtaking! The way she sang, how she sung--oh my goodness! She captivated audiences! She gives a Perfect 10, 2 Thumbs Up, & an A+ performance! The ending scene reminded me so much of Sister Act 2! If you saw it, u would know exactly what I am referring to! I just cannot stop thinking about how this movie touched me! It is just mind-blowing! I've NEVER had a movie prick my heart like this & have a profound effect on me like this! All the scenes with Queen Latifah & Dolly Parton were very funny! This movie had light confrontation, love, forgiveness, amazing singing, & exceptional acting! A few scenes brought a tear to my eye! I will get this film the day it hits DVD! Wonderful, wonderful movie! Cannot express it enough! Praise that joyful noise because it was dynamite, explosive, & magnificent! Bravo!