"Haywire" (2012)- Review

This movie was a combination of Mr. & Mrs. Smith plus Duplicity and those two movies are the equivalent to this one. The movie had a very good storyline-I cannot deny that, and I have never heard of this actress before in my life, but to have that tough look and rough exterior about her, she should have been kicking butt and killing people more faster like Jet Li or any other female assassin I've seen in motion picture films! That was one of the major things that I saw about her character in the movie, she took too long fighting people to say that is what she was trained for -to take people out! The ending was not to be expected, but I can deal with it because it leaves itself open for a sequel-hopefully better than the first! HaHa! Overall, the movie had its ups and its downs, but it was okay. I cannot say it was good, cannot say it was great, cannot say it was average. I was NOT feeling this movie the way I thought that I might! Tatum had a very small part to play in the film and when he scenes did come up, he did not do that good of a job. I love Chan and all, but I have to keep it real right now...I was disappointed in the film. I truly feel that it could have been much better and I hate movies that start in the present and then flash back and fourth, seeing a movie for t he first time and trying to keep up with what is happening is not my kind of film and that is how this movie was also. Another attribute that I did not appreciate about it! I could see why on Opening Weekend it cam in at #5...


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