"The Grey" (2012)- Review

The very first 15 minutes of the movie was so slow & boring as heck....but once the plane crashed-it's ON! There are literally NO words to describe how those blood-thirsty wolves were making me jump in my seat in the theater! It is always simple for me to complain that a movie is NOT scary enough or it could have been less predictable. This film was the OPPOSITE of that! I was on the edge of my seat the ENTIRE movie! I could NEVER tell when the wolves were going to attack or kill someone. I tried to prepare myself in some scenes because I thought the moment would come, but didn't-and when I did not; it did! Lol! I LOVE & APPRECIATE movies like this because it is very suspenseful & not predictable at all because some of the things that happened, I truly did not see coming & the killing was not gory killing, so no worries if you thought you would see limbs being torn apart & such-they kept it very minimal where that is concerned. The ending, I HATED-but it was crucial to end it that way & you will understand why....it is SUSPENSE.....WHO WON YOU THINK?