"Man on a Ledge" (2012)- Review

This movie was not sensational-some of the manipulations, tactics, and jokes were, though! This film overall was pretty enjoyable, but did not have a ton of suspense & adrenaline-pumping scenes as I expected from the previews that were shown. There were very funny moments where certain characters made quips or jokes that kept the audience chuckling & there were a lot of people that were lied to, mistrusted, & deceived along with the first sentence in this rating & all those characteristics made this film very interesting & enjoyable. I was in the edge of my seat in ONE scene because I did not know if the main character was going to jump or not! I think that the older guy in the crowd was funny as hell shouting & carrying on! Lol! See this movie, it will take you to heights you never thought a person would or could go to "free themselves." The ending of the movie, EVERYTHING falls into place if you could not figure it out in time.....


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