"One For The Money" (2012)- Review

I felt like this film was a repeat of "The Bounty Hunter" with Aniston & Butler, but in this film Heigl was going after more than 1 person. Lionsgate tends to distribute movies that basically are on the borderline of sucking. The movie did NOT suck, but at the same time, it did not appeal to me as I thought it would. I didn't read the book, so I cannot say if the film deviated or what, but there were funny scenes & the Grandma-oh, now she made me laugh right out loud. Heigl made me LOL as well, but everyone did an average job. If I had the option to see this at a screening or cheaper, I would have taken either of those choices! Shepherd did an outstanding job for her role! Acting like a ghetto hood-rat is her dream role! Lol! She plays it all too good! All in all, it was a cute film with laughs-not great laughs-but laughs nonetheless....


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