"Safe House" (2012)- Review

I want to give this film 5 stars simply because of Denzel, but the film was very cheap to film. The picture quality was very poor & it was very much compatible to "Drag Me to Hell." Good film, but very mediocre acting, but still a good film. The killing in this movie was very ruthless, dangerous, & hardcore. In certain instances, a cast member would kill someone, knowing that they are dead already-like 100% gone & will shoot them either once or twice more & either make a facial expression while doing it &/or say something funny! I like that. Denzel provided everything: the action, the drama, the suspense! He is a MASTER @ his craft! Truly an expert at acting, esp. in his scenes in the end of the movie! He captivates the screen with his performance! In the beginning & middle of the movie-u can relax & then all of a sudden something very unexpected happens & it catches you totally off guard! I love that mystery in movies! Safe House only had two recognizable celebs: Washington & Reynolds. That is sad, but a true fact, but Denzel was the star, obviously!