"The Vow" (2012)- Review

Throughout the entire film, I kept flashing back to Tatum's "Dear John" film because some parts of the movie were very plain and was not grabbing my full attention. The film as a whole was outstanding! McAdams & Tatum gave very good performances and it felt really real even though this film was based on true events. The opening was GENIUS! It was so sensational! The car accident that follows, they way it was put together in slow motion-that sets the initial stage for the audience to sympathize with Paige's situation right there. As the movie progresses, Leo gets frustrated, but he could have expounded on that and not be so nonchalance about Paige's condition. I mean, we know that he cares, but it really odes not show it until the scene where he tells Paige that he is NOT her punching bag-that is the scene that has the love, the fire, the passion, the sincere emotion. If every scene where those two interact could have been like that...Wooow, I would have shed a tear or two! Lol! But it was still good nonetheless. I, personally wanted something to happen and it did not, but it is heart-warming how it ended and it is romantic, but was still disappointing that what everyone wanted to happen between those two did not happen and if you see it you will understand this last sentence! But there were a lot of "sweet little jokes and comments" made from both main characters through the film that had to make you laugh, giggle, or just take a deep breath and just ponder...


TeganDrifter said…
Hated this movie.. I actually yelled in it! when that dude was like, i'll be sleeping in bed with your wife! oh my freaking gosh!!!! I wanted to jump through that screen and deck him and yeah.. i felt pretty violent!
Yeah, guys can be pretty hardcore even in romantic movies, but some people in society are like that, but the film was not centered on that character, though. You have to think about the movie as a whole and he was only acting....

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