"Ghost Rider II: Spirit of Vengeance" (2012)- Review

FIRST, do NOT see it in 3D! There are NO 3D effects at all! I watched this film in 2D on a 3D screen with glasses! I repeat, stay AWAY from 3D because NOTHING is in that format! This sequel was a bit better than the first I have to admit! It was more a a comedy/superhero film rather than an action/suspense thriller! All of the cast members were joking around frequently or doing something that would get a reaction from the audience. Cage really made me laugh in the parts where he laughed in people's faces. You just have to see it for yourself! Glad I saw a screening of this film because I had NO intention to see the sequel whatsoever because the first one was horribly awful! I was shocked when I saw this was in the making! But, I was surprised, it was average & mildly enjoyable, but very much comical-trust me!