"This Means War" (2012)- Review

The reviews have been NEGATIVE for this film, but my review is POSITIVE! It was so good, I'm in awe at what to say. There was "funny romance" & "comedy" in the movie. Lol! Any scene that Handler was in was funny! The way the film ended was funny! The tricks that both CIA Agents played on each other were funny! The movie was very funny but in a cute sort of a way. It is a film for couples, singles, etc. It just has that kind of effect on people esp. me. It is a movie suitable for anyone! I loved watching it from start to finish! Definitely going to be buying it on DVD when it is released. I think that guys will like the film simply because of the two male actors & what they did in the film & ladies will like it because of Reese's character. The movie as a whole was delightful, funny, action, & very sweet! A must see!!! Go! Go! Go to war!! Lol!


TeganDrifter said…
Dude!!! this movie freaking Rocked!! one of the funniest movies i think i've seen in a while.. It was Blunt and bold! and all of the inside closet talk was just thrown out on the open screen! 5 stars!! two big thumbs up! and i'm buying this one!
I agree with you totally! 100%. Thank you for you comments and look forward to more if you choose to comment! :)