"Gone" (2012)- Review

Awful film! Think I just found my first HORRIBLE film of 2012! Gone should be gone like a hurricane, it needs to move rapidly out of town & NOT on DVD or bootleg, either! The only thing suspenseful in the entire movie was the suspense music-I figured everything out before it was over & knew who the abductor was after the diner scene! Seyfried cannot act worth a damn! She is not in high demand & is not a gorgeous chick, so how is she always getting roles is what I wanna know! Ha! Ha! The movie stills were more suspenseful than the movie itself! I was so upset!!! The plot was very original & predictable--no shocker there, but I still thought it would have kept my attention in some form/magnitude. I was starting to drift asleep & tossing in my seat-two signs I will rate a film as boring & tell people not to see it if it was FREE! My warning: Stay away from gone-Keep going to something better!