"Good Deeds" (2012)- Review

Wesley did a "good" deed and not DEEDS-first of all! The storyline to this film was very heart-felt and realistic and in today's society, this film came out at the right time! It exhibited how people go through rough patches and how there really are loyal people who want to help and expect NOTHING in return-absolutely nothing! I loved any scene with Brian White! The film as a whole was average, I cannot say that this film was spectacular, because it was not. When I rate film, I rate them honestly and with my opinion. It was good, but, very ordinary. I was not feeling this film as I expected to. His acting was very over the top and dramatic! Rashad was not seen a whole lot throughout the film, and I was sad about that and Gabrielle Union was looking very sensational and gorgeous! There were a lot of funny scenes to me-the scenes where Ariel made all the facial expressions when they went to grab a bite to eat with Wesley was simply too precious! All the little jokes that Lindsey made towards Wesley were humorous too! The film as a whole teaches a very very crucial lesson and that is this: You only have one life to live and you should live it the way that YOU want and not at how someone else wants you to live it-do what makes YOU happy and not not what others want YOU to do so THEY can be happy!


Anonymous said…
Great rating! I totally agree that the movie was good and to me a "good deed" for Tyler considering all the hate he's been getting...!