"Wanderlust" (2012)- Review

Whew! NOTHING can prepare you for the obscene nudity that is releaved in this film! This movie was like a forest-porn group orgy meditation ritual western! Lmao! From start to finish there were sexual references, sexual acts, sexual jokes, and sex! I loved it! I saw a lot of negative reviews about this film, but I disagree! It was good & very entertaining! Aniston & Rudd really did a superb job! The acting, the scenes, the jokes, the facial expressions were all good! I just cannot believe the part towards the end of the movie where all of those elderly people were running in SLOW MOTION! Wooooww is literally all I can say! The birthing scene is another one that I was dumbfounded by, & another scene with Rudd talking to himself in the mirror for like 2 straight minutes about "something specfic" is mind-blowing & will make you laugh uncontrollably & your eyes will be so red! Rudd's sister-in-law in this film is funny too just by what she says & her mannerisms! This film should've been rated RX!