On-Set Magic & Chemistry! Truly!!!

Ok, so for the past two weeks straight, I have been filming "Now You See Me" and I have had the chance to be up close and personal with Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, and Dave Franco. Also, the Director from Paris, France Louis Leterrier. I have had close encounters with all of them and I have got to share it with you-ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO because these moments are so special to me!

The Director Louis & I: Mr. Louie is the best Director that I have ever had the opportunity to work with/for. He has a great sense of humor, he jokes with everyone, he just makes you feel so special and respected! The man is the greatest human being I ever had the pleasure of filming for. He is sensational! He asks me how I am doing between takes, he jokes with me, is always glad to see me, got his autograph, he bought all the background actors ice cream.....the man just- is AWESOME!

Woody Harrelson & I: Woody loves me a lot because every time he sees me on set he comes right up to me and asks me to tell him a joke. He laughs so hard at any joke I tell him. He points me out and comes directly to me. He even gave me a high five while we were filming and that was not a part of the script. I love Woody!

Jesse Eisenberg & I: On set last week, Jesse and Dave Franco were coming from back stage and Jesse saw me and he said,"hey good to see you again, ur back huh?" I'm glad and embraced me with a hug and a handshake and Dave did the same too!

Dave Franco & I: Davey and I have had so many encounters it is not even funny! We wave and point to each other, he winks at me, we clown around, he is such a cool lil guy. I told him that I saw 21 Jump Street weeks ago at a free advanced screening and he was like a lil kid asking me what did I think of it over and over again and anytime I mention it, he does the same thing, what did ur friends think of it? He is saying, ah that is good man, thanks man, thanks man, that means a lot 2 me. Dave and I took a picture together and he was like, is that picture good enough for you, is it good the way you want it, I wanna make sure you like it! How awesome and kind huh? Out of all the 4 main actors, I love them all equally because after what I have just wrote, how can I have my very best?

Isla Fisher & I: Isla is 1 in a million. Just yesterday, Mar. 16th, Isla was heading back to set and she was doing something on her cell phone when I said, "Isla," and she came over to me and just smiled so big and wide and hugged me and she said that she loved me and my personality and she was glad that I was on this set and she is always looking for me and waving to me because seeing me gives her the motivation to to do well up there! This moment between the two of us, I felt so grounded that I could not movie. I mean, this ACTRESS came up to me and just HUGGED me out of the blue UNEXPECTEDLY and gave me a compliment that just took my breath away! I was so overcome with emotion, I did not know what to think. She did not do this with any OTHER PERSON for the past two week and look at the liking that she took to me. I was dumbfounded and I am not the type of person to be at a loss for words! I still cannot wrap my mind over these four amazing actors, esp. Isla! I feel so blessed and fortunate for this film and all the love that was generated to me from Jesse, Dave, Woody, the Director and esp. Isla!