"Mirror Mirror" (2012)- Review

Roberts was NO pretty woman or Queen in the film! Lol! She played an average role. Truth be told, I think that Charlize Theron will be a better evil queen in "Snow White & the Huntsmen" in June. Roberts did not have the "evil look" to fit the evil role. The movie, I feel was very arty & entertaining-which is not bad, but it could have been better than what it was. Collins played the Snow White role to perfection-very believable & the 7 dwarfs were funny as well. The Prince played by Hamner was portrayed very well. The ending was perfect & how they showed Roberts & all what she had lost was genius! The imagery of it went hand in hand with that scene. A shocker was revealed in the end about Snow's father. In conclusion, the movie is suitable for all ages-it makes you re-live your fairy tale childhood...or well, it can bring out your "inner kid" I should say!