"A Thousand Words" (2012)- Review

The movie had a good synopsis, but it did not reach its full potential. Any film that Eddie is in & is the lead/main character, it blows! Don't get me wrong-he is a very talented comedian, but he combines his comedy in his acting....acting alone-not his strong suit. This film was funny, but I did not laugh loudly or get a little excited. Things he did or said was, but his acting was very weak & I don't know-this film should not have been made. Kerry's performance was grand! Her smile & gestures won me over! She did great! This is a film that was okay & should go straight to DVD. There were not a lot of previews for this film either if you think about it. This movie had a specific meaning: Learn from your words & allow ur actions do ur speaking for you! That's telling u something in less than a thousand words.....


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