"The Three Stooges" (2012)- Review

Exhilarating! Drop dead hilarious! Funny as heck! This movie reminded me of when I watched The Three Stooges in black and white when I was younger! Will Sasso and Chris D. really made the movie shine. The actor who played Larry did a good job-but not as good as Curly & Moe!!! Sofia Vergara was funny and sexy-as usual and of course Jennifer Hudson had to sing at least once in the film and yes, she sounded great! I loved the layout of the film and how they laid it all out like how it was in the olden days. They broke it down in segments and made the introductions with the titles and all that! Spectacular! A definite Saturday night movie that I picked on the right day to see! Extraordinary! There is nothing more that I have to say about the film except that it was good and I laughed at the whole movie! Everyone did a great great great job and esp. Curly making those noises! Those three acted just as the main original cast and the only thing that was changed was that it was in living color-NOW! :)