"The Five-Year Engagement" (2012)- Review

The movie started off awesome and vibrant then it just kept fluctuating from average to funny and back and fourth. As a whole, I felt the movie was very comical. Blunt was funnier than Segel and the supporting cast esp. the guy who played Segel's best friend was the funniest of them all. The actress who played Blunt's sister was so funny at times as well and that is what shocked me! The supporting cast should have been the main cast! Lol! There were parts where Segel said or did something that I felt was very funny like when he fell on a fire hydrant or fell scraping the ice off his car to making breakfast in that funny apron but was really naked underneath.....but Segel's facial expressions alone can make him captivate the screen. I swear I was laughing so hard when his best friend was signing that wedding song in Spanish. I also kind of felt like the movie was deja vu because some of the thing that they were saying and doing in the beginning of the movie, they said and did the same exact thing towards the end if not in the very end. In conclusion, I enjoyed the movie but the more it got to the ending, the more it got plain and utterly original.