"American Reunion" (2012)- Review

There have been so many American Pie films, reunions, weddings, bad camps, etc. that have deviated from the original saga that I cannot wrap my mind around it! This film was by far, the most best, sexual, erotic, cruelest comedy ever of them all! The introduction to the film was superb! The R.Kelly song was sheer perfection! I am so glad that I had the opportunity to see the Advance Screening of it instead of waiting until the release date. There were some hardcore sexual referenced in this film that I would not even rate as R, but instead I would rate it as X. American Pie always had that reputation of a movie centered around high school kids, the jokes they played on each other, but most importantly: the love and unconditional friendship for one another. All of the original characters and the phrases that they used brought me back all the way to the first movie. I love how they incorporated all of those elements in the reunion piece. To see all the original cast members back and for a real reunion was simply genius! There were some twists; some funny parts that made me gasp because I was so speechless but seeing American Reunion made me re-live when I watched all of the films when I was younger and I relived my American Pie days with all of them through this film! It was spectacular and stay for the ending credits-it will rock your world-LITERALLY! :)