"Titanic" in IMAX 3D (2012)- Review

Words just CANNOT express how touched I was by seeing this movie; witnessing the love, chemistry, magic, and utter beauty all over again after all these years on a big motion screen again and esp. in IMAX 3D! I sincerely think that the IMAX screen was the ONE AND ONLY reason that this movie made me feel so unbelievably loved, cherished, and just so full of love. This is AND will ALWAYS be my most FAVORITE love story of all time! I shed a few tears at THE same exact parts I shed tears at when I watch it at home on DVD. I felt so overcome with emotion at the entire film and the music is what did it for me also. Celine Dion should have won the best MUSIC PERFORMER/SOUNDTRACK on every level for her songs used in the film. The music combined with the love story of Jack & Rose made this film. If only everyone would be so lucky to find true love no matter what class you are like Jack and Rose, that would be phenomenal. I am sure no one will rate and see this movie in such a capacity as I do right now and always. My favorite scene was at the end when Rose looked up at Lady Liberty and found the diamond in the coat. She was free-free of Cal, her controlling mother, free to be like the "heart of the ocean": free to swim until you find your destiny as Jack told her to do. She never let go of him no matter what she did in her life. These are concepts that anyone can grasp and hold onto if something is true and meaningful to you! For all the lives lost from the sinking, that was very sorrowful, but they will always be loved and cherished like the "hope diamond." If you have hope you will see them again, it is like the diamond-stay strong to your convictions and be true to yourself and you will never go wrong....


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