"The Cabin In The Woods" (2012)- Review

It appears that I have NO words to describe this _______! Film or movie does NOT go in the blank because this was NOT either one of these two words-AT ALL! This stupid film was the equivalent of 30 Days of Night, Black Christmas, I Know Who Killed Me, Straw Dogs, One Missed Call, and a dozen other movies that had no sense, no meaning, no plot,etc. This movie was hard to follow, I did not know what was going on, other people in the theater were sleeping, and saying that it was gay, plain, had nothing positive to say about it, I was in total shock, I wanted to walk out and get a damn refund, so very serious! No wonder this crap was hanging out in limbo for a year. The distributor, the Director, the screen writers, the cameramen, all those people and anyone who had anything to do with the making of this film should have been shot and killed along with the damn entire cast! A movie that should NOT have been made-PERIOD! SAVE YOUR CASH! DO NOT RENT THIS! DEFINITELY DO NOT BUY THIS! DO NOT GET IT ON BOOTLEG! DO NOT RENT IT! YOU ARE BEING FOREWARNED!


Dan O. said…
It's funny, witty, original, daring, and altogether, entertaining as hell. This movie gives me faith that Hollywood is actually willing to do something outside the box in the name of entertainment. Sadly though, within the next year we'll soon be getting Saw 400 coming to theaters. Nice review Travis.

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