"Think Like A Man" (2012)- Review

Phenomenal Film! The scenes between all the couples were centered around the same classic theme: BOYS WHO NEED TO BE MEN FOR THEIR LADIES! But, each particular man had a certain problem to address in order to become the men that the ladies knew they could be. Steve Harvey's book has some definite truth to it and it is so hard to believe that he actually wrote this book and they made a movie from it because the lessons and the advice that he gives is so dead on the money about how men act and what they want. So many couples can learn things from watching this film or just from reading the book. This movie was necessary to make because it can show boys how to be men and that women are not a piece of meat and all you want them for is sex or to brag to your boys about scoring and lying to women and telling them one thing when your actions transmit something totally opposite of that. A lady wants a man's sincerity, honesty, love, and most of all respect. If you do NOT give her that, you cannot give her your full and true heart. This film has the right title, "Think Like A Man." It is not think like a child/little boy/kid/young man-a MAN! Period! You can honestly learn a lot form this movie. Sure, there is comedy in it, but if you look beyond the comedy-you can find more, so much more!


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