"Dark Shadows" (2012)- Review

This movie was mildly entertaining. I've got to admit that I thought it would be an somewhat competition for The Avengers knowing that people will run out and see any movie that Johnny Depp is even affiliated with nonetheless is even in it and this movie was sold out all day at the theater. Depp really captured the screen as he always does-no matter what his role may be. His facial expressions is what me made laugh at him and some of his lines, but overall, he did a really fantastic job-but the film as a whole was not very entertaining. I think that the only reason it came in 2nd place behind the Avengers this weekend was because HE was in the movie and it was centered on HIM! Everyone loves Depp and will go out to see his work. I wasn't disappointed in the film, I was just appalled that it was not better than it was considering how Depp is a legend in this industry and all of his films make money in the billions-I do not see that happening for this film. The love scene between Depp and Green was the absolute highlight of the film and I was laughing my butt off @ it! I aint gonna lie! Laughing so hard that I was crying and the other scene where the doctor gave Barnabas her "private consultation." Lol!