"The Avengers" (2012)- Review

Saturday Night + NYC=The Awseome Avengers! This movie was worth waiting for-definitely! I cannot even rate this movie because I don't think words will suffice how extraordinary it was! There were a few comical portions throughout the entire movie that made it even more sensational than I already thought that it was. Stark, the Hulk, and Thor were the only three characters that were making funny facial expressions and doing or saying something that was really funny. Not laugh out of your seat funny, but still funny nonetheless. Especially The Hulk towards the end when he does "something strong to "Lokey."  The entire audience was laughing and talking bout it very loudly. I think that Fury played the role as the Captain very well and being dressed in all that black made him look all the more stronger and fierce at all times! The eye patch made him look like a badass too! I LOVED ALL THE FIRE AND BOMB SCENES-THE SPECIAL EFFECTS IN THIS MOVIE WERE KILLA! The movie was very awesome, entertaining, suitable for kids of all ages, very humorous, a family/friend get together film. There is nothing I can say bad or negative about it! I loved The Avengers and I hope more trouble comes so I can see them again! Good job! Go see the movie, but NOT in 3D because nothing will be in 3D at all. IMAX alone SHOULD be good, but not 3D!


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