"Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" 3D (2012)- Review

I was quite disappointed in the film to be truthful-I was sad that the scenes I taped for over 12 hours were cut so dramatically to like 8 seconds or less and the fact that it was lacking the action that the trailers were showing people. It was very misleading & the film was basically about Lincoln hunting down vampires and killing them and NOT about hunting down the ONE vampire that killed his mother. Against my better judgement, I saw it in 3D, and I will be honest and say that there was quite a very large percentage of 3D effects in the film. BIG-TIME especially in the very beginning. it is HARDCORE COOL, AMAZING, and just MAGNIFICENT 3D. The visual and special effects were awesome. I mean, it was so realistic like you were there! I will give credit where it was due and it certainly was due here! As a whole, I felt that it was an average movie. I doubt that it will conquer and take its place at the No. 1 spot this weekend as people are suggesting & there has been so much talk about this being one of the "summer's biggest blockbusters," but The Dark Knight Rises and Spider-Man will outdo this movie just in Midnight alone, I bet...but stranger things have happened. I just feel like this film could have been better than what it was. I was not disappointed in the film, more disappointed in the story line. Walker really did a good job at portraying his role and he was a nice young man to film with and I met him and he has a great attitude and I loved working with him! 2D or 3D-it is your choice, but the special effects are WOOOOWWWW! No matter what version, but I will admit-3D will make it all the better (only the action/killing scenes)! It is rare that I say that, but this time, I mean it!