"Snow White & The Huntsman" (2012)- Review

This was just an epic movie of all time although, I KNEW that it would deviate slightly from the original fairy-tale ! Lol! You cannot re-make or make a movie out of a classic fairy-tale and not change up a few things here and there! Lol! One thing is for absolute certain: Charlize Theron really captured the screen with her performance as the Evil Queen Ravenna! I only wanted to see the movie because of her and what I really thought that was odd is that Mr. Chris Hemsworth! He is always having some sort of a weapon in his hands in any movie he is making like Thor! Lol! Kristen Stewart played an average Snow White, but someone else could have portrayed the role far better than her I can imagine. She tried to fake an accent and sometimes it would go in and out, but I only see her as Bella on Twilight! I cannot see her playing any other role than that! Stewart did not capture the screen in this movie, considering that she is the female lead in the film. She could have done a much better job, I believe. All in all, I really enjoyed the movie and I wish that Theron could have been in a few more scenes than what she was. She was not seen that much during the entire film. It is an 2-hour movie and they were showing her in like "flash scenes." You count to 8 and she is gone and not shown again for like 10 and 20 minute intervals. That sucks! I love her! If you see it, you will love it, like I did and children will adore it as well! It is made for both children and for adults!