"That's My Boy" (2012)- Review

I felt like this movie was like a medium-grade porno flick with all the illicit sexual imagery and references first of all and I rate this film an "R" and an "X-rated" simply because of that! I was so shocked at the images and the things that two very distinct strippers were doing and how they looked during their performances as strippers at the strip club that my mouth just dropped completely to the floor in disgust and in awe at seeing something "that big" on the big screen from the black female stripper! ROTFLMAO! The white stripper was just...you HAVE to see it and then you will realize where I am coming from! I really enjoyed the movie from start to finish & the young Donny captured the screen just like Adult Donny! The movie was sexual, adult, funny, slutty, and just very very extremely entertaining! You just cannot help but to laugh and there was a twist with Jamie's character. I figured out who it was, but will you is the question? I love that this movie had a little mystery to it-funny mystery, but mystery still nonetheless! If you see it, prepare to see skin and more skin and EXTREME sexual raw material. If you will not get offended by that, then you should be on board to say, "that's my boy or that's my girl!" Hahaha