"Madea's Witness Protection" (2012)- Review

I thought that the beginning of the movie was kind of slow and boring, even though funnyman Eugene Levy was cracking me up. But, once Madea showed up in the picture-everything cleared up and I was laughing non-stop. Perry's character as Madea and Joe are so damn funny and really captivates audiences, but what I cannot seem to get with Perry is when he is acting as Brian, in any capacity, he is just plain and very very ordinary. He cannot capture a screen at all! All people want is Madea! Madea! Madea! Any and EVERY scene in this movie where Joe and Madea were, I was laughing uncontrollably and almost falling out of my seat and could not catch my breath and tears of laughter coming from my eyes because Madea is just so very very funny! Madea makes ANY Tyler Perry film-Tyler just cannot grab my attention like his other roles he plays in his films, sorry to say that, but it is the truth! I was impressed with the movie, truthfully-but as soon as a funny scene was over, it was back to plain attorney, Brian. A regular lawyer who has the potential to captivate audiences with a regular role, but he shines through Joe and Madea in fat suits! The AIRPORT AND NYC scenes were may FAVORITE parts of the movie, besides the occasional funny scenes with Levy and Richards!