"Magic Mike" (2012)- Review

Even though I LOVED this movie and it was very funny and entertaining-it, unfortunately was a cheaply made film because I could not wait until it was over for ONE reason and ONE reason only: the very poor picture quality! The photo stills for this movie on the internet had more color and was brighter than this! I felt like I was staring directly into the sun while watching this entire film! It was brown and very bright! I did NOT NOT NOT like that all. Besides that one terrible flaw, the movie was just _______! I cannot think of the highest word that is the equivalent to sensational and perfection to put in the blank! Lol! McConaughey was the BEST actor of them all! His role was just badass! He was funny , sexual, cool, crude, and cruel when he needed to be. My favorite scene with him was when he was teaching Pettyfer how to take his clothes off in front of the ladies! ROTFLMAO! That was the best scene of the ENTIRE MOVIE! Pettyfer's character for the most part, was very funny and was not serious at all for the entire film. McConaughey was funny and I mean extremely hilarious as hell! I could not find one single flaw with his performance! He was wonderful and a master at it! Tatum had dance moves on him that could put 106th & Park off TV along with Soul Train! Tatum is a damn good dancer and anyone should ask his advice on dancing! Seriously! The whole concept of the movie was cool, fresh, hip, young, and just right on point! Watching the very beginning was like watching a porno: you see male genitalia, penis pumps, boobs, and vagina(s). After you see that, all you see is what you would normally see if you were seeing male strippers performing. The music and the routines that they did were tight! NO lie! I did not like the ending because they never showed what happened with Pettyfer's character, but it was sort of revealed before the final act what his feelings were, but I still wish they would have shown him again before it ended the way that it did. Tatum divulged a bit of his own life as a stripper towards the end of the movie and anyone who knows or follows him can value the message that he was trying to relay when he did that scene at the end of the movie talking with Pettyfer and again with Horn, who played Pettyfer's sister.