"People Like Us" (2012)- Review

This movie was so touching and very inspiring! I did NOT want to leave the theater to use the restroom, get concessions, etc.! Banks delivered a spectacular performance! Her feisty attitude, headstrong capabilities, & mannerisms is what made her character shine. She was very captivating in this role and I loved her scenes from start to finish! I just could not wait to see her again and again on the screen! Pine's character was slow in the very very beginning of the movie, but once he met with the lawyer, he was no longer boring. He was really funny and serious at the times where he needed to be, not 100% serious, but serious in the way that you could tell when he was not joking about something esp. as it related to his nephew in the film. The actor who played Banks' son in this film was very talented and kept me laughing and just looking at him in total shock and disbelief simply because of the things that he said and did. They picked the right little actor to play Banks' son because BOTH of their behaviors were IDENTICAL to one another! Pfeiffer really did outstanding, but she was not in the film a lot-although I wish she had been. Wilde did not have a pivotal role either, but when she was in the movie, she did not put enough emphasis into her character to me, she could have went a but further with it to capture the audience's attention. This movie was based on a true story and I love movies like this. It can make someone fully appreciate what they have in their life and just how easily they can be taken away. The ending of the movie, I can appreciate, but I did not particularly approve of it, but the symbolism of it struck home as to what the message was that they were trying to relate to audiences.