"Ted" (2012)- Review

I think that this was DEFINITELY NOT a movie to bring a child to! Do NOT be fooled by the teddy bear! That bear was tripping me out in the theater. Wahlberg and Kunis were very good in this film! I could not stop laughing. There were so very very very many sexually explicit and vulgar scenes from Ted and Wahlberg and the two of them combined! I cannot believe that Mark made this type of film. This is not his typical type of genre, but changing it up like this is perfection-for him! He really made his character shine on the screen. His character was a scared little boy who had his own LITTLE life, separate from his adult life and his teddy bear was his BFF, and from the moment the film began til the very end Mark's character was consistent and it was astonishing to me because usually a character grows in a film-his character grew, but Ted will always be a part of his life, but what he learned is that he can survive now with his own Ted, which is Lori. The story line is cute and can cater to young children, but is a very adult film, in all honesty. I loved it and will most likely see it again and definitely buy it on DVD!


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