"Prometheus" (2012)- Review

Maybe it was just me or the fact that I am not that into Science-Fiction films, I dunno, but I thought the film was okay, but there should have been more well-known actors in this movie besides Pearce and Theron! I had the chance to see it in ADVANCE and in 3D, and trust me-the very beginning of the film-just say the first 10 or 15 minutes, it was nothing but a ton of 3D effects, but after that time had past, it was nothing to see but great visual effects that looked like you could grab micro-seconds of 3D! I am so serious! There were very minimal parts of the movie that had 3D, but it happened so rapidly like if you were to blink, you would miss it. My suggestion is if you see this film, do NOT see it in 3D. IMAX? If you want to pay the extra cash, sure. There were some gory and Alien vs. Predator type scenes in the middle of the film and especially towards the end. Gross! Yucky stuff! That procedure that Dr. Shaw did to herself was the absolute worst thing to see and to see how that creature just acted like a succubus and killed those two men. I hate to give those spoilers, but trust me, I left sooo much out that you have to see it with your own eyes and it was gruesome and freaky to watch. NEVER AGAIN! Average movie, but after the zombie attacks going on right now, seeing what I saw tonight is NOT what I needed to see....


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