"The Campaign" (2012)- Review

First off, this movie was too damn good to be a short 1 hour and 25 minutes. So much was edited out that it is not even funny! I had a FEATURED ROLE in the movie in the courtroom scene in the beginning of the movie wearing the black sweater vest and long-sleeved blue dress shirt. I had to take papers from Galifianakis when he announces his candidacy against Ferrell. The movie really would have been Rx-rated if the girls flashing themselves would have been in it! Lol! It was edited out, I do not understand why though because there were so many sexual references and lewd acts of obscene behavior, the boobs would have fallen right into place! Trust me! It was so odd to see certain scenes that I was a part of in the filming process and then to have them be cut so short to like 20 seconds and filmed it for more than 12 hours! HaHa! All in all, I think that the cast did an outstanding job! Zach is a trip and the Huggins maid, Ms. Yao-oh my gosh, she was kicks the way that she was talking. And the ending of the movie, I mean the very ending-her scene was freakin' hilarious! This is definitely a comedy; a crude comedy that even remarks and lines from kids will make you laugh out loud and fall right out of you seat! Ferrell is a master at his craft, he depicted Camden Brady '012 sensationally! He was just funny! To have extreme talent like Will and Zach in a movie together and add to the mix Jason Sudeikis-it is sure to be a box office smash! I am telling you that this movie was great from start to finish & you will be amazed at how a short film like this one can make you laugh long and hard and for hours and hours...because...It's A Mess!" Hahahahaha!


Anonymous said…
This was a good film