"Hope Springs" (2012)- Review

Very entertaining! But on the flip side, the majority of the film was rather depressing for the simple fact was that it was about a married couple who had the SAME DAILY routine, NEVER communicated with each other, and who had not been intimate for quite some time and NEVER did anything new to spice things up in their marriage and who slept in SEPARATE bedrooms. I got depressed just writing that last statement! Tommy Lee Jones was very hilarious with his quirks and flippant remarks. I could not get enough of that and Meryl Streep was, as usual, 100% perfection performance! There was not one flaw with Streep, but SEVERAL with her character. There was one part in the movie where Dr. Feld asked Kay how comfortable was she with oral sex; giving or receiving and her response and her look when she said it, I guarantee you that you will laugh out of your seat and the entire theater will join in with you. The sexual things that are discussed in the therapy sessions is where most of the humor lies and if it is NOT in there, it is very limited outside of any scene that is not in those session scenes. IT JUST TOOK SO LONG FOR THE ENDING TO COME UP! After watching an hour of something bad, sad, and severely depressing, the audience deserves something good! I would have to argue that this movie reminded me of "Revolutionary Road" or "The Devil in a Blue Dress" because in BOTH of those films the couples had troubles in their marriages but they resorted to all types of other ways to cope and violence, whereas this film did not and the problems were not as severe as in those two, but the similarity in those two films to this one is the D-E-P-R-E-S-S-I-O-N! This films is geared more towards the middle-aged/older generation, but I can NEVER pass up on a movie with Jones and Streep! Two great classic and epic actors of all time! You MUST MUST MUST stay for the ending credits and it is hard not to feel sorry for the couple in the movie and get depressed because of what you see. At first, it was vain repetition and I was getting depressed once I caught onto how the movie was going. I loved the opening to the movie , that was tight. It laid the foundation for the entire film so that was cool. If you have an open mind, you will appreciate the message that it relays. It is not a movie made for older couples, in general, but any couple can learn from Kay & Arnold if they are willing to understand where they are coming from if they want to change where they are going. Think about it.