"The Expendables 2" (2012)- Review

When they say THE EXPENDABLES are back for war-hot damn, do they mean just that. It was not a war, but more of a vile, hostile, cruel, gory bloodbath! This sequel was AMAZING! I do not know what word or words I can use that means awesome in the highest degree! There was so much gory action and killing, I had to cringe a few times because it was so unbelievable! To have STALLONE and SCHWARZENEGGER and WILLIS shooting guns all together in one scene seems like a big action-packed killing spree reunion. It was cool to see Arnold on the big screen again after so many years and he did a good job and looked like nothing had changed about his acting esp. when it came to guns and fighting, Lol! The introduction of Norris & Jean-Claude was okay. Norris had a little part in the film whereas the villain was Jean-Claude and he looked terrible. He has aged badly. There were a few quirks made about Arnold when certain actors said phrases like "i'll be back" or "you're terminated." That was funny. Those lines are what Arnold is known for. When you find out who is killed and how the expendables seek justice for that individual, you will not be shocked, you will most likely figure it our before it happens, though. I honestly, cannot get over how I did not want the movie to end because it was so freakin' outrageously awesome and kick/badass! I am telling you that this movie is one of the best action films of this year-I kid you not! I want to see it again and I did not even feel like this when I watched the first one! All of the fight scenes were badass and more badass! Statham was a beast in a certain scene when he was pretending to be a priest in order to infiltrate the bad guys. Maggie was on fire too whipping some butt! I cannot write anymore because I am at a loss for words-I have never ever felt this strongly and had such positive things to say about an action film in my life. It was spectacular from start to finish! The killing is very gory and there is one part where Stallone says "rest in pieces." It is so hilarious when he says it-trust me! There was the humor from Terry Crews, of course. All of the actors said and did something that would make you laugh if not chuckle just a little bit. The movie had a mixture of action, gore, conflict, and comedy. THE EXPENDABLES are back for WAR and at the end of the movie, BLOOD more than the WAR.....


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