"Sparkle" (2012)- Review

Let it SPARKLE Mz. Sparkle! The two songs that I loved in this movie was "Jump" & "One Wing." The dance moves by Sister and her Sisters were were very provocative & could grab anyone's attention. Whitney Houston should have sung more songs in the movie, I felt and I also felt that she could have been seen in more than a few scenes here and there. In the beginning of the film, the looks that she gave was very funny to Stix. Lol! It made me chuckle. The actress who gave the performance of a lifetime was that of Carmen Ejogo. She was the actress to capture the screen. I am not sure if she was the lead actress, but she was the lead sister and the one in charge during the entire film. When Houston was singing that one church song, I took a deep breath and just remembered her life and all the movies that I had seen with her in them. I still cannot believe that she is gone. Her memory will live on forever and ever. Mike Epps and Carmen Ejogo's love turned into a massive case of the Ike and Tina Turner's! That was all I kept thinking about when I kept on seeing them fight each other. This movie definitely was set in 1960 because they had the look down back to those old days and that was AWESOME! The tone of the movie was awesome; Jordin Sparks sang beautifully at the end and her acting was memorable as well. Jordin was just electrifying. I loved her performances. I will buy this when it arrives on DVD. I'm just disappointed that Whitney was not seen enough. Maybe because she was ill and she did not want to work many hours. I'll never know, but she was still good and the same ole Whitney on camera as she was in other movies-never afraid to let you have it when you need to get it! Haha! I just loved the movie and the music. Ceelo Green was not in the movie at all except in the beginning and you never see him again, that sucked too. The closing scene between Sparks & Houston in the dressing room before she went on for her solo performance was very endearing and touching. You must stay for the ending credits. It is beautiful and for women only, but I stayed!