"Hit and Run" (2012)- Review

For this to be such an cheaply-budgeted film, it was downright hilarious as hell! I have to tell you the truth. The tagline to this movie is: "a comedy that never takes its foot off the gas." That is a TRUE statement! I have no idea where to even begin about all the funny and totally hysterical parts in the movie without ruining it for you! An absolutely funny movie FROM START 2 FINISH! The small parts that Chenoweth was in, she was too kicks! Cooper was so great towards the end when he was talking about what had happened to him in prison, and Shepard is just a funny man all together so you can imagine how he was all throughout the film. Now, we get to Tom Arnold-that man...in this movie...he CAPTURED the screen in his performances in ANY and EVERY scene! After you see what type of character Arnold plays for the first 25-30 minutes of the movie, the entire audience will laugh as soon as he appears in any other scene-trust me, you have to remember what I have just said about Arnold's character before you see this movie and you will agree with me totally 100%. The way that the movie ended was proper because if you think about it (after you have seen the film), it ended the same exact way as it started. You MUST MUST MUST stay for the closing credits! It is very hysterical what happens! I loved the movie. I just wish it was not so low-budgeted because the movie had some well-known actors in it; very well know to be such low-budgeted film. This film had some drama, funny action, and sexual references that will make you choke on your concessions if you are eating or drinking on something during a funny part in the movie, which is almost at any given time because as I stated earlier, it is funny from beginning to end! Literally! There is only ONE part in the movie that really made me pause and just say, "wooooowww." That part is when Charlie & Annie check in the motel and they accidentally go into the wrong room and what you will see in that room is just ______. I'll let you be surprised because TRUST me, I definitely was. It is so easy after watching the movie to understand why it is called hit and run....Lol!